Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No long thoughts tonight

I haven't been thinking much today. Alexander screamed and screamed all night long. We finally brought him into our room to sleep around 4 AM. I went through my classes in a bit of a fog.

We think he's teething because he's slobbering all over the place and developing a snuffly nose and screaming too much. Frankly, I wish these teeth would get on with it. Who do they think they are, snickering underneath his gums at us, telling jokes about cavities and lollygagging about? The sad state of teeth today, I tell you.

School progresses. I found out definitively today that I have been studying all summer the precise subject that my classical AI professor has asked us to study while he is at a conference for the next week. I will not see him until September 12 and class is not being held. Looks like a lazy Labor Day.

I feel like an old man walking around the university now. Kids seven years younger than me are asking when the campus buses arrive and I just don't know. Stop bothering me! I'm crotchety and I don't want to talk to you; I just want to read Neverwhere and get to class some time.

Anyone who thinks feelings like those are not in the spirit of Christian charity has obviously never read Neverwhere. But I didn't really say any of that. Instead, I guesstimated and hedged my way to making this other student and I both miss a faster bus to campus, which arrived and departed without us a block away. I leave it to you ethicists to decide: grumpy or polite but ineffective? Either way, I still would've been reading.

I am too tired to do much else.

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