Friday, June 22, 2007

Strange few weeks

Hi everyone. It's been a strange few weeks, with a trip to Denver for house hunting, security clearance procedures, and I still haven't finished The Once and Future King. This book is breaking all my records for slowness in reading. I can't remember the last time I took 3 weeks to read a novel.

Sarah and I are anxious for our new situation. We found a nice house to rent, close to work, groceries, parks, and schools. The movers are packing our things a week from yesterday and hauling them off a week from tomorrow. We've decided to drive to Denver in one fabulous day, by way of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Sarah and I liked the area a lot on our trip. I diaried the first 3 days, so maybe I can tell a few stories about it later. Our friend Karen even got to show us around downtown Denver. It's a cool city. I will be back for the US Mint and the art museums for sure, and for the baseball game.

I've been worrying that the time is making me dopey. I haven't been this long without my PC ever, and my programming skills are, no doubt, slipping. I've been reading Effective C++ to try to keep a hand in.

It looks like our Las Vegas trip is going to fall through. Basically, it is happening because we lent a massive corporation our money to search for a house, and they are reimbursing us too late for me to go; also, the movers are coming during the trip. I am disappointed, but there's nothing else we could do.

I've also felt at loose ends because of our homelessness. Our relatives have been really great about the whole thing, but I have settled into an uncreative routine. I don't feel like myself. I'm just doing lots of crosswords and logic problems and watching Mythbusters all day, with an occasional walk around Brigham City. I feel like I'm just surviving. Thank goodness this is all ending soon.