Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dan Wilson songs

I can't resist, although I feel a little strange about it. When people come to this site because of a search engine query, I feel the urge to explain why they found me. Sometimes. Students searching for term papers can just sprinkle themselves with the magic fairy dust of the excellent writing here and hope that it inspires them. Think of a wonderful thought, kids.

Somebody came here looking for "when your kisses are free" and found a tragicomic post of mine dealing in part with The Tick. This is actually a snippet of a lyric by Dan Wilson, the lead singer of Semisonic. I think he has an EP out now, but I don't follow him that closely.

He was in a concert on January 13 this year with Sean and Sara Watkins from super group Nickel Creek at hip acoustic music joint Largo; the entire concert is free to download and enjoy here at the Live Music Archive.

For the truly lazy, here is the song itself, "Sugar". While you're at it, you should listen to this one, about an experience Sean Watkins had once: "We Got Married In My Head".

You might as well just go listen to the whole thing now.

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