Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Que sera sera

This is take two. The last blog, untouched for several months, is in internet purgatory. I suppose it could be found, not that anyone will care until I am rich and famous.

A guy suggested that I start writing one after reading a few comments I made on Slacktivist (a Christian, liberal blog I enjoy). I dreamed about being thought-provoking, incisive, and witty for a few days, then started it up, and didn't tell anyone. In addition to having no readers, of course, I had no fun. It turned into mini-essays and didn't last long.

This time, I think I'll tone down the mission statement a little. Instead of "second coming of Saint Augustine" or "become rich and famous through blog", how about a few post-its?

There is a book, Letters and Papers from Prison, which collects what Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote just before he was executed by the Nazis for trying to assassinate Hitler. In it, this:

But, frankly speaking, to long for the transcendent when you are in your wife's arms is, to put it mildly, a lack of taste, and it is certainly not what God expects of us. We ought to find God and love him in the blessings he sends us. If he pleases to grant us some overwhelming earthly bliss, we ought not to try and be more religious than God himself.
Amen. So let this blog now be dedicated to the end of bad taste, and playing God. I'll just be Dan for a while.

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andrew said...

Well, Dan, I'm tempted to go through and just leave a commment on every single one of your posts, just to make up for lost time. But I have a bad blogging habit and am trying to cut down. Discovering your blog, however, will put a few spikes in my tires.

Because even Christians need positive-talk from mere mortals, I'll just say: you write very well.