Monday, January 07, 2008

Last Christmas gift

Between a couple of parents and parents in law, I got my hands on a multi-effects guitar pedal. For poor people like me without enough $ for an amplifier, distortion pedal, flanger, chorus, etc. etc., this is the best imitator I could find. I can record it into the computer, so now my recordings can get a little more interesting. So far, I've found something that sounds kind of like a twelve-string, something that adds a couple of octaves and another thing that takes me down a couple of octaves (it is hard to hear the low note on that one), stuff that sounds like alien noises and blips and U2, and all kinds of fuzzy stuff to rock out to. Needless to say, when I start actually editing the presets, there are going to be fireworks.

I will try to add something soon. I am looking at hosting mp3s on our Comcast account, then putting a little player in the blog so you can hear them.

And now, because I just can't go another day without unleashing more Radiohead on you, here's the amazing video for "Jigsaw Falling Into Place". They recently played this in their studio with helmet cams that were pointed directly at their faces. This looks pretty normal until they start moving their heads.

For a more low-key two-person version, a study in contrast, check out this one with lead singer Thom Yorke, and lead wizard Jonny Greenwood on the Ondes Martenot.

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Ian said...

Happy new year, mon ami. I have access to a 1U in a colo rack in the Westin downtown. I could probably help you out with hosting a few of your tracks -- send me an email!