Friday, July 08, 2005

Meet people

My wife tells me that she is jealous of me because at least I get to go outside and meet people while she stays at home with our son.

Most days I think this is ridiculous, because I don't go out to meet people; instead I go out to take copious notes at computer class, then go to work and slam my keyboard against my desk. When I come home, I program my homework. Yo ho, yo ho, a hacker's life for me. Arrr.

But today I saw a couple of friends at school. I shot the breeze with Boyd. I met him last semester and we bonded over computer hardware. This summer he is researching digital watermarking. We had a fun time talking about NetHack (warning: addictive! best game ever!) and what we're doing. I told him about my fishing fleet project and he told me about the Battleship game he wrote last semester with sound files cribbed from Worms.

I met somebody new too. I was in the elevator in USU's Old Main building (the first building constructed for this land-grant institution way back when) and this girl I recognized from my hardware class came up as the door was closing. I put out my hand, but the door wouldn't stop, so I hit it until it did. She'd sat across class from me and I didn't know her. She is doing research this summer in Boyd's lab, but she still has a year of undergrad to go. We were about to go our separate ways, and we introduced ourselves. Her name was Kim.

Oh, and I had two midterms and I'm perfecting my POP3 client. No rest for the weary.

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