Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Software installs for a fresh Mac

Here's a list of software I had to install to get closer to normal in the Mac:

  • Firefox (with NoScript, AdBlockPlus, Greasemonkey, Ubiquity, Firebug, and Vacuum Places)
  • Carbon Emacs
  • Xcode with developer tools
  • Quicksilver
  • X-Edit 2.0 (for my guitar pedal)
  • Nethack
  • Crossover Games (running Steam and thus, Team Fortress 2)
  • GarageBand extras
  • GrandPerspective (hard drive dissector)
The terminal situation on the Mac seems pretty hopeless. I could use a good recommendation. I'm looking for Command-means-meta and high color, tabs would be nice. At this point I'm just running M-x shell in Emacs, but Emacs has problems in the remote shell (in particular, I can't get remote completions to work because Emacs consumes the Tab).

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Ian D. said...

I used iTerm for a long while back when I was still using a Mac daily. I believe it allowed both option-as-meta and command-as-meta.