Friday, March 10, 2006

Svarnik and Byll hit the Internets!

Well! Here is an exciting follow-up to Svarnik and Byll in Utah, my short send-up of Utah's smoking-fighting dynamic duo. After I posted, I was contacted by the advertising firm responsible for the PSAs, Crowell Advertising.

In short, as an appreciative fan of Byll and Svarnik, I have been offered permission to host and share the 5 television spots. You too can host and share them, on the same two conditions I was given: 1) Credit the firm, Crowell Advertising, wherever these videos are posted; 2) If you do decide to post them, drop a note to Chip Haskell from the firm. He is interested to watch the grassroots spread of the Svarnik and Byll phenomenon. You can also see a couple of the spots on the Crowell Advertising website (if you want to navigate through the Flash to "our work").

I'll host them on my USU website. I don't know that I have any bandwidth cap there, but I guess we'll find out. Internets, I give you... Svarnik and Byll!

The one I posted about last time was "TV Idea". I think you'll agree that it's quite funny, especially for Utah.

Big thanks to Crowell Advertising and Chip Haskell for making these available.

P.S. These are also available in Windows Media format; you might just email Chip Haskell directly, or write me.


Mr. Bean said...

May 'Svarnik and Byll' continue in their quest to slay the smokey dragon. Nice work! You have an ally in your holy crusade.

Anonymous said...

I was an immediate fan when these two crusaders hit the air. Their message is timely, and their modus operandi most fitting for Utah.
To whomever came up with the idea--and to whomever cast these two great characters--KUDOS!!!