Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just a quick note

We don't get Sci-Fi Channel so I am a bit behind, but my wife and I just watched the opening miniseries of Battlestar Galactica (about four episodes).

It was frigging awesome.

We might have to buy whole seasons on DVD just to watch it.


Fred Fry said...

I did just that yesterday. I was staying away from the series but got hook after watching just one episode during season two.

Season 1 and 2

on the way.

Dan Lewis said...

One scene from the miniseries disturbed my young wife. I won't spoil it for everyone. It reminds me of what Stephen King said about the opening scene in The Dead Zone: if you get a lot of offended mail from readers, you know you've struck a chord.

The show was quite complex and satisfying. Plot, characters, philosophy, everything.