Friday, September 23, 2005

Free GMail invites

I just read a Wall Street Journal article that said that Google's GMail internet mail service is not easy to obtain. Here:

I thought everyone had an account who wanted one, but in case you don't, I have 99 free invitations to anyone who wants to get their GMail account now. Why 99 invitations? Because I just sent one to to the author of the article.

I have enjoyed GMail; the time it takes to set up a label (= folder) is trivial. Email filtering into the folders can be automatic if you set it up; I'm sure it's no easier in any other mail service. I have 21 labels at the moment, and almost as many or more email filters. I have enjoyed a spam-lite or -free mailbox every day since I signed up for this thing. All my email gets forwarded to me there now.

So email me for your brand new GMail address today. They're not going anywhere fast.

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