Tuesday, September 13, 2005

50th birthday post

Okay, okay, so I'm not actually 50. But this is my birthday, and my 50th post to this get-rich-quick journal. I can't wait for my 51st to roll around.

I've been inundated with cards, gifts, and frosted confectionery all weekend, so thank you all; you know who you are. The rest of you are inching into belated territory, so pony up. This week-long celebration of me can't just go on forever.

Or can it?

I will be waiting for one great birthday gift for a few months: on December 2, Nickel Creek will play in Park City and I will be there. On December 4, they'll be at the Paramount in Seattle. Coming soon to a town near you!

I am still looking forward to Sarah's gift, which is a complete secret to me and I don't even know what it could be.

I got Linux installed and dual-booting on our home computer with no apparent damage to our hard drive. Next: getting on the internet! I will send you a CD that will let you try out Linux without changing your system at all, if you ask me.

Tonight Sarah and I will start a class together about sound money management. It is from a Biblical perspective, which in my experience means that a lot of things that would make sense to anybody are couched in Christian terms, and ultimately justified by Christian values. Jesus talked a lot about money, so I don't have much problem with this. The last time I did something like this, I ended up going back to school for a Master's in a new major. So I am expecting big things!

To all my friends that I owe email to, I am getting to it. I have been busy with school the last few times I started writing to you, but I think calmer water is coming soon.

This is a puppy-loving politics-free zone for today. Don't worry, the partisan blame game is coming back soon.

Kiss someone you love.

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