Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Independence Day

Tomorrow, I'll be homeless for the last time in a while. Sarah and I are packing up and moving to Highlands Ranch, CO (think the last homely suburb in southern Denver). Maybe we'll see fireworks in Denver, I don't know. Sarah's mom and stepfather are also coming, and maybe her brother.

I finished The Once and Future King. I thought it was very episodic and disjointed. Like Vince told me, the first part was definitely the best.

I also picked up and read The Stand for the first time. It's Stephen King's classic, apocalyptic tale of the near-destruction of the human race by a military super-virus. This is a novel par excellence, with many stories that intertwine and reinforce each other, with some unforgettable imagery, and a backbone of dangerous Christianity, in the sense of "Our interest's on the dangerous edge of things". It's graphic and horrific in spots. It would be an easy R, shades of NC-17 if it were a movie. Sex, swearing, drugs, violence, Satan, and rock and roll. I can't do it justice, but I'm definitely reading it again sooner or later.

I guess I'll be going even darker now than lately. I don't know when we'll hook up the Internet. My love to you all, as appropriate.

Oh, our new address. Email me if you want our Colorado address. We'll be changing the phone soon too.

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