Sunday, April 01, 2007

And now for something completely different

I'm writing a post about violence in movies and literature in response to some of Vince's comments, but this popped through my reader and I just can't resist. From Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, comes this editorial on the mistreatment of British prisoners in Iran. Here's the first paragraph:

I share the outrage expressed in the British press over the treatment of our naval personnel accused by Iran of illegally entering their waters. It is a disgrace. We would never dream of treating captives like this - allowing them to smoke cigarettes, for example, even though it has been proven that smoking kills. And as for compelling poor servicewoman Faye Turney to wear a black headscarf, and then allowing the picture to be posted around the world - have the Iranians no concept of civilised behaviour? For God's sake, what's wrong with putting a bag over her head? That's what we do with the Muslims we capture: we put bags over their heads, so it's hard to breathe. Then it's perfectly acceptable to take photographs of them and circulate them to the press because the captives can't be recognised and humiliated in the way these unfortunate British service people are.

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