Friday, January 26, 2007

Pray for my friends

Although I don't have many readers, I hope they can take this in the spirit in which I intend it.

Two of my friends, Aaron and Tori Swank, had a baby girl recently, Olivia. They have three young children already. Olivia was born with health problems and is back in the hospital for heart failure. At this point the grapevine has not passed along whether it is operable or not.

This is about as bad as nightmares get. Please pray for Olivia and my friends, if you swing that way. Pray that she will be healthy, pray that they will be brave and loving toward one another and their children.

Does prayer "work"? According to my religion, yes and no. Yes, in that prayer is participation in the life of God (it always works on the pray-er). No, in that prayers do not necessarily give us magical control over the course of events. All things are in the hands of God, even us. But you can fight the crush of history, and you can even talk back to God; you just have to be prepared when God and history answer you in their native language.

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