Thursday, July 06, 2006

Quick note

Kidney stone stuff is over. I don't want to belabor it in mixed company.

Italy was danger on wheels. I think they'll win the World Cup on Sunday.

We signed up at Dish Network for the new place. We've been moving all week and should be done by this weekend.

We have Skype now. For some reason the camera my parents sent us won't behave on Yahoo Messenger, but you can call us that way too. Skype is dan.a.lewis and Yahoo Messenger is daniel_a_lewis. I don't leave them on at present because the only people who want to use it are my parents, and they always call on the regular phone first. Email me if you want to use this amazing telephone system, and tell me your name. Anyway, the Skype videoconferencing works really simply and we have enjoyed it.

Mom is in France. Find out more at her (and Dad's, since he joins her in a bit) blog, France2006. My sister Rachel is in Croatia for World Deputation (through Seattle's University Presbyterian Church). Here's her (and her friend's) blog.

Time to make dinner.

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