Sunday, May 07, 2006

In and out I zip

The Stephen Colbert video (30 minutes of sublime satire) has gone from YouTube to Google Video. I guess CSPAN had some rights issues on YouTube that Google Video resolves. Whatever. Here is that larger-than-life dressing-down of the Decider-in-Chief and his Stenographic Estate once again.

Plus, did you hear about the head of the CIA? Try this bankshot: A dirty Congressman was bribed by a dirty defense contractor into giving away defense contracts. The former Congressman is a convicted felon. "The Contractor" is singing. This contractor's buddy is a felon with a rap sheet longer than The Elements of Style. He runs a limo service and he gets transportation contracts from the Department of Homeland Security. "Limo Guy" ferries around "Dirty Congressman" and other "Congresspeople," and procures prostitutes for their "poker parties" at the Watergate Hotel. "Number Three" at the CIA is rumored to have been at these parties, and is under criminal investigation for abusing the agency's contracting process. He was installed by the head of the CIA, himself a Bush appointee who carried out political purges of CIA analysts who were "Democrats" or "didn't think Iraq had WMDs". Last Friday, "Number One" resigned unexpectedly. The whole thing puts the Spici in Su-Spici-Ous.

I tried to explain this all to Sarah, but I think I lost her around the third or fourth felon. For as much clarity as can be got on this and the other scandals of the Republican-controlled Congress, read TPM Muckraker, an original online news source regularly scooping the newspapers on these issues.

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