Thursday, January 05, 2006

Almost, almost back to normal

But first, the best spam ever.

Sheep Master Gold
Entry Level Herd Management Software
“Simple and Easy to use for the Beginner”

Centric Software,Inc has created a Software program for the breeder that is simple and easy to use without all of the bells and whistles. One that is for the serious sheep breeder, but one that only wants to enter the minimum amount of data but still be able to make management and genetic selection decisions.

Sheep Master Gold can improve profitability with the least amount of data and is easy to use and very powerful. Best of all, Sheep Master Gold is only $95.00. Centric Software offers unlimited technical support from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday thru Saturday.

You Can Increase $$$ Profits by these Simple Methods:

    Track Herd Productivity
    Track Pedigree Data
    Track Performance Data
    Track Total Cost for each Animal
    Track Accurate Breeding Data
    Track Sales By Customers
    Track Rotational Grazing
    Track Unlimited Number of Animals
    Track Medical Treatments
    Track EPDs
    Track Wool Production
    User-Defined Reports that allow you to create custom reports
    Export User-Defined reports
    Calculates Projected Lambing Dates
    Calculate Adjusted Wean Weights using ASI age adjustment Factors
    Wool Production Reports
    Track Weighting Data and Average Daily Gain for each weighing
    Can be used chute side (laptop) or in the office.

I am hard pressed to explain why this is the best spam ever. First I thought it was a joke, then an awful porno, then a Lemmings-type video game. But I scrolled down, and it is indeed sheep management software.

So "Sheep Master Gold" pretty much says it all.

It was cost-effective for a very niche, $99 product to advertise to me this way. Somewhere out there, someone will click through this spam because they are having trouble herding their sheep.

Arcadia, welcome to the 21st century.

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